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Once you have created your website, you probably want it to be seen. With the ever-growing competition, getting your website found can be a challenge. DomainIT's Search Engine Submission service automates the process of getting your website in search engine rankings. Submitting is a breeze; just choose your plan and start submitting any time by filling out a simple form within your Account Manager.

Why Submit?
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Become easier to find
  • Establish your online presence
  • Get a head-start on the competition

Why Submit Today?
  • Activate your first submission at any time
  • Takes just minutes to initiate
  • Save hours of research
  • Save time manually submitting
  • Automated search engine submission

If traffic is important to the success of your website, then it is important to get listed on as many high traffic sites as possible. Some services say you should only submit to the top 10 or 12 search engines and directories. While those top 10 or 12 do account for the majority of the traffic to your website, it will help your website even more to get listed in as many search engines as possible. Would you turn away free traffic and more sales? Another benefit is that some search engines now use incoming links to your website as a determining factor in your ranking. By getting your website listed in more places, this may increase your rank in some engines. Sign-up today then begin submitting whenever you're ready.

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